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Dow Jones at 40,000!

June 11, 2019

by Joseph R Weiland, CFP®, Managing Partner When we invest in the stock market we are buying future profits of the businesses that we buy. If we invest across the entire market we are buying the future profits of the entire economy. The Price to Earnings Ratio (PE) tells us what we are paying to…

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The Gift of Perspective

January 29, 2019

by Joseph R Weiland, CFP®, Managing Partner One of the biggest gifts that a person can receive from a financial planner is perspective on what actions a person can make now to have the biggest impact on their future financial lives.  At different phases of our lives the importance of different actions changes dramatically. What…

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Reach the pinnacle of your financial future

November 29, 2018

As a long term financial planner I work with clients to ensure that they are ready to weather any type of economic times while working towards their goals.  This requires an overarching strategy along with opportunistic actions to take advantage of changes in the current conditions as well as a client’s situation.  While it’s impossible…

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2017 Market Review

April 28, 2018

At the beginning of 2017, a common view among money managers and analysts was that the financial markets would not repeat their strong returns from 2016. Many cited the uncertain global economy, political turmoil in the US, implementation of Brexit, conflicts in the Middle East, North Korea’s weapons buildup, and other factors. The global equity…

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What changes should you make to your financial plan based upon today’s markets?

March 27, 2018

The stock market is at an all-time high, interest rates are at historic lows and cap rates on investment properties are also low. Investors are searching for yield where ever they can find it and risky bond offering are being bought up as quickly as they are put to market. All this suggests that assets…

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To Bit or Not to Bit

February 10, 2018

What Should Investors Make of Bitcoin Mania? Fourth Quarter 2017 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin emerged only in the past decade. Unlike traditional money, no paper notes or metal…

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How to Plan for Your Financial Future at all Phases of Your Legal Career

January 23, 2018

The Investing Basics for all Stages There are only two ways to invest assets: as a lender or as an owner. Every investment boils down to one or the other. You own stocks and real estate. Or you lend people money by buying a bond, i.e. lend the government or a corporation money; they pay…

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